prehistory & antiquity

Mesolithic camp of hunter-gatherers, Ede, Netherlands, about 6000 B.C.

Use of animal products (here the wolf) in prehistory.

Iron age house and domestic activities, the netherlands.

Burial of a roman soldier, third century,  the netherlands.

Cremation of a deceased near an iron age settlement. Watercolour. 

Bronze age settlement and interior. Oil paint on paper.

Settlement, 4th century b.C.. Watercolour. 

Agora and acropolis of Athens, fifth century B.C.

An actuaria, a roman coaster. First century,

Olive press on Roman Villa Rustica, first century.

Roman villa Rustica, first century.

Grape picking on roman Villa Rustica, first century.

Bird’s eye view of settlement, Ede, Netherlands, third century.

Deposition of statues of Household gods, Ede, Netherlands, third century.

After the cremation, Ede, Netherlands, third century.

Deposition of military gear by a Roman legionnaire, fourth century. Oil paint on paper.

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